How A Sex Coach Can Save Your Relationship


Courtesan.LA, the first ever sensual education studio. Dedicated to empowering modern women through their innate powerful femininity. Educating women in Sensuality, Human Sexuality, Neo Feminism, Burlesque, Erotic Dancing and Intimate Relationships. Offering private intimacy/relationship coaching sessions for MEN, WOMEN and COUPLES! Contact us for pricing and to book your first session.

Courtesan.LA is now offering private relationship, love and sex coaching sessions by Bianca White.

Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching is best understood as helping you get to your intended goal. If your goal is to bring in more

  • intimacy
  • healthier
  • loving

relationships, more sex or more pleasurable sex, comfort with your own sensuality or just plain curiosity about sex positivity, coaching is key.

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