Want To Be Loved? Here’s How.


Of course, everyone does. This is the goal for most, to be loved. From the dawn of time, I’m sure we’ve been searching for the magical formula to this equation (LOVE=X+Y). Right? Well search no more, I have your answer here. Its quite simple to me. In order to be loved, you have to be able to be lovable. Are you lovable? Are you loving? What do you love? When do you stop loving?Who can’t you love? There are all kinds of questions we must ask ourselves before we try to look for love. There is an infinite array of loving partners on this planet for us. Literally for each and every one of us, there are at least thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of choices. We decide to frantically to go out and “find the one” as if there was one magical unicorn of a mate out there looking for their one magical unicorn of a mate. Well, I’m more of a hopeless romantic realist. While there might be a magical unicorn out there looking for you, I think its best to start from within. We are our own worst nightmare and at the same time can also be guilty of being our own best friend. No one knows us better than ourselves. When we want to find love, we are looking for a feeling of safety and belonging, security and attachment. I find it best to look at how much we love ourself first and recognize where we might be able to love ourselves a little bit more. Can we feel safety, belonging, security and attachment with our friends? If so, then we probably have a pretty great chance of finding love pretty fast. Best to set a goal with a love and intimacy coach to achieve the kind of love you want if you don’t already feel it in your friendships. Love is a tricky path, sometimes its got ups and sometimes it can make you feel like never taking another step on this planet. With the right steps, you’re coach can get you well on your way to finding all of the love that’s been missing! 

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