4 Ways to Achieve the Sexual Relationship You’ve Always Desired

Try these 4 fun tips to getting your ideal sexual relationship.

  1. Read- If you like reading, you’re in luck. I’ve got some books that you can begin reading that will help you get a better understanding of your sexual self. (The  Boudoir Bible by Bettony Vernon, Sexual Healing by Barbara Keesling) Read Sexual Healing first then The Boudoir Bible. If that doesn’t make you feel better about your sexuality and your sex life- then I don’t know what will…well ok- I do, you can try these next tips as well.
  2. Watch- Movies dealing with sexuality and sex, good old fashioned Hollywood movies will work. They are merely stories about sex and if you watch them with an open mind, hopefully you’ll start to understand that we aren’t all that different and we aren’t all the same either. Somewhere in between the spectrum we all fall and some of us like to linger on the far ends of the spectrum- and that’s fine. As long as we can see our stories in other people, we can begin to realize that our issues have been dealt with before by other people and they’ve felt pride and happiness in feeling this acceptance. (Vicky Christina Barcelona, Kinsey, Dangerous Beauty, Kama Sutra, these are a good start…) As well as these kinds of dramatic artistic films, regular porn is fine too. There are all kinds of specialty porn out there these days, such as “porn for females, made by females”. Female made porn tends to be more female pleasure centered rather than the traditional male pleasure centered kinds of porn that we are already used to. Checking out this new kind of female pleasure centered porn is radically different and beneficial for females and males because it finally shows the gear of the porn to be giving pleasure to the female in real ways that feel good for the female. If we compare the age old traditional porn, there was not a lot of thought put into showing how to successfully pleasure a woman and to properly bring her to orgasm, once or even a multiple of times. Gone are those days where we are relegated to that old model of porn. Do yourself  a huge favor and go watch some new school porn. (Lady Cheeky, Beautiful Agony, Bright Desire, Literotica, XConfessions by Erika Lust)
  3. Visit- Locate all of the best sex shops in your town. I live in Los Angeles and we have one of the best ‘The Pleasure Chest’. This place has everything you could possibly imagine. Stuff that might scare you or turn you on. I encourage you to go in there either alone or with your partner, whichever scenario will make you more comfortable. Look down at every aisle and touch things, price things out, feel things, browse and buy! If you feel comfortable enough buying something, then by all means- DO IT! 
  4. Do your homework!- This is the hardest part. Nobody likes homework, but this is easy homework. This is practice. Actually putting all of your info that you’ve watched, read, and seen (and maybe brought home too!)- Put it all into action. Practice definitely makes perfect. Use all of these tips to make yourself so excited to do your homework every week. Wether its doing pelvic floor exercises, having sex regularly, masturbating with a new toy or watching some new porn- your sex life will improve because guess what…You are having to focus more on reaching your ideal sexual relationship.  Now get out there and start!