The Hollywood Sex Coach’s Guide to Feeling Sexy All the Time


How to feel sexier in just 10 easy steps- 

  1. take a pole dancing class (Sfactor)
  2. Go lingerie shopping (Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Trashy Lingerie, or any of the many cheap and fun stripper stores on Hollywood Blvd between Whitley and Cahunega)
  3. watch some porn (try something different! there is a lot of great new porn out there made by female directors, but maybe check out something you’ve always been curious about or maybe wanting to try)
  4. masturbate regularly ( just to keep healthy and regular, to get the muscles strong and to be able to feel how you orgasm is crucial to being able to fully enjoy your wild women roar!)
  5. do you ( take a bath, get a massage, go shopping, stay home, go out, do whatever it is that you love doing, things that will give you pleasure- do them, all of it!)
  6. read some erotica (Anais Non “Little Birds” or “Delta of Venus” if you like vintage, like me- if not there are all kinds of modern erotica writers that you can find pretty easy on the internet with a little bit of digging)
  7. have sex more (like as much as you’d like, as much as you want, take your time, go all the way and maybe sometimes don’t go all the way- leave him happy or just let him make you happy- either way, just focus on making sure you are doing more of the sexy time dance throughout your week.
  8. confirm your hotness everyday (start a gratitude list and write down three things about yourself that you are grateful for, just three and everyday, after awhile- you’’ begin to believe it, and once you believe it, you’ll have it- what you’ve always wanted- it- whatever it is!)
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